Companion Care service is ideal for older people and less-abled adults:

  • Whom require some support but wish to remain independent.
  • Whom may experience dementia and/or mental illness
  • Family members who require assistance with parents, relations or friends.
  • Those living in their own homes.
  • Those living in long-term residential care.

Companion care can accompany you with: 

  • Social activities including outings to cafes, walking and library.
  • Concerts and movies.
  • Retail shopping therapy.
  • Scenic drives and excursions for e.g. Groynes, Botanical Gardens, Willowbank, seaside and picnics.
  • Trips to concerts, movies, art galleries and museums.
  • Light exercise and swimming.
  • Visiting relatives and/or friends.
  • A friendly social visit.

Need a hand with everyday tasks? Companion Care can provide assistance with:

  • Grocery shopping and banking.
  • Medical and personal appointments.
  • Documentation for e.g. superannuation review forms, insurances and writing letters.
  • General household chores i.e. de-cluttering and gardening.
  • The transition of moving from one’s own home into long-term care.
  • General everyday problem-solving and other services as agreed upon.
  • Organising and supervising trades people working within ones home.
  • Assisting with pet care.